Volvo XC90, Scandinavian design at its finest

Probably the safest car company in the world, Volvo was created in 1927 with the well-being of passengers in mind.

Today, it is owned by Chinese automaker Geely, which has promised to electrify half of its models by 2025.

This we observe after driving the XC90 T8 E-AWD Inscription:


• Refined: As part of the Inscription package, the vehicle has Napa leather, touches of real wood and an interior that screams luxury in all its expressions.
• Comfort: the two front seats massage your back, which results in a very relaxed ride.
• Technology: it has a nine-inch vertical screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a Wi-Fi system. Its instrument panel is digital but not very adaptable.
• Amplitude: with the configuration of six individual seats, in three rows. The rear seats are quite uncomfortable, while those in the third line have little legroom.
• Sound: The Bowers and Wilkins system is an additional accessory that costs $ 3,200, which is worth every penny, as it has clarity worthy of a music studio.


• Scandinavian design at its finest, the car is a classic Volvo, although it hasn’t changed in four years, so it already needs a makeover.
• The headlights have a hammer or “T” shape design, which distinguish them from older models.
• Originally, it came with 20-inch wheels, but the driven version had 21-inch wheels that make it look spectacular.


• A 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine provides 313 horsepower.
• The 400 hp is completed with the 87 that an electric motor delivers.
• The plug-in car has a 11.6 kWh battery. We were not able to load it in the time tested, as the system did not work.
• It has four-wheel drive and an eight-speed transmission.
• It has six driving modes, from off-road to EV.
• Thanks to its four-point air suspension, handling looks like we’re rolling in a cloud.


It is an excellent car at a price that seems exaggerated. Without options, it costs $ 67,500, a prohibitive amount for most. The T8 E-AWD Inscription version goes up to $ 86,990, which is just a lot for a car that doesn’t have a wireless charger.

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The automatic parking system failed most of the time and we were also unable to charge it to test its electrical capabilities. Also, the rear area is simply uncomfortable.

If you are a fan of Volvo, it will be a car you will aspire to, although there is an even more refined version, which exceeds $ 100,000 dollars.

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