See how you can play home games on PlayStation 2

The second and historic Sony PlayStation 2 console, which has been on the market for more than 20 years, is still difficult to hack to use home games or pirates without modifying the hardware.

However, a young software and security engineer has developed a special method of the type homebrew that manages to exploit the function of the DVD player in the console to be able to run games that are not official.

According to Engadget, the technique works because when corrupting the keys of the files that the DVD movies contain, a more advanced and simplified second stage or copy can be loaded, so it will no longer be as limited as the first.

See how you can play home games on PlayStation 2

Although the new way to make a PlayStation 2 read non-original discs without changing its hardware is still recent, some users have reported that it works relatively well for them.

To run it correctly, you just need to put a disc in the PS2 unit and wait for it to load fully.

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The form will also allow you to play other unofficial games on the console and it is believed that the method could also be used on other versions of PlayStation, although there are no reports of that yet.

Most consoles that Sony has released over the years work with disc, but remember that a few weeks ago the company announced the PS5, which will have a version that will not have a reader, therefore, games from previous years cannot be used in it.

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