Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers

If you wonder how to create your own skill For Alexa, you should know that now the process is facilitated with a tool launched by Amazon for users in Mexico: Blueprints. Next, we tell you everything you need to know to get “all the juice” out of the firm’s virtual assistant through skills customized.

Blueprints was already available in nations like the United States and Spain, but if it is launched specifically for another country, it will always be welcome.

And to all this, what is a skill? Amazon indicates that these are like applications for Alexa, so that it “responds” in a certain way to certain commands; while those that can be created by any user through Blueprints, they are templates that can be adapted to your particular lifestyle.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers

New skills through Blueprints

Without further ado, find out how to create new “skills” for the Alexa assistant from this new tool for Mexico. The first thing is to enter the special page of Blueprints that Amazon has created and log in with your account, the same one that you use to make purchases.

What follows is choosing a template. At the moment, there are 12 available, however the e-commerce firm promises that the selection will continue to grow. The templates are divided into four categories: House, Fun and games, Communities and organizations, and Learning and knowledge.

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For this case, a title was chosen How many days (in the House category): it allows setting an important date for Alexa to keep a count of the days left for it.

The next step is to fill in the blanks with the corresponding information, from the name of the event to the date to celebrate it.

Blueprints interface in Mexico to create skills in Alexa.

Subsequently, you must press the button Experience Located in the upper right corner, where you can customize how Alexa announces your event. There are a series of opening and closing phrases for the assistant to communicate, and you have the possibility of adding those of your preference in each of the two sections.

Blueprints interface in Mexico to create skills in Alexa.

Once that task is finished, click on the button Name, also located in the upper right corner of the screen. From here, you can edit the name of the skill default, How many days, for a more intuitive one, like Great day or Expected day. Amazon clarifies that if there are problems opening it, it is best to give it a new name.

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Blueprints interface in Mexico to create skills in Alexa.

If you think everything is fine, what follows is to click the button Create skill. You will need to enter your Amazon password again so that the process can continue smoothly. You will also be asked to update your account to create one on the firm’s developer portal. Subsequently, it is necessary to wait for the skill finish generating.

Once it is ready, you have the possibility to edit it, delete it, share it or publish it (by default, the skill can only be seen by you). It is possible to view all the skills you have created from the same Blueprints page.

Blueprints interface in Mexico to create skills in Alexa

To test it and continuing with the example for this test, all you have to do is pronounce the phrase “Alexa, open a great day” or “Alexa, start a great day” on the device where the wizard is enabled. If all is well, it will tell you the days remaining for the event.

According to Amazon, there is no limit to skillsThat is, you can create as many as you want. The firm, for now, proposes the following 12 for each of the four categories:


  • Custom questions and answers: Customize Alexa’s answers to your questions.
  • Guests: Welcome your guests with a guide to your home and neighborhood.
  • How many days: Give the attendee an important date to keep track of the days remaining.
  • Who goes: Problems deciding who gets to do something? Alexa can choose for you.
  • Task chart: schedule and track weekly chores for your entire home.
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Fun and games

  • Inspirations: select a list of your favorite motivational quotes.
  • Jokes: surprise your friends and family with happy jokes.
  • Compliments: Praise your favorite people with a list of personalized compliments.
  • What to do: Make fun decisions by having Alexa pick an item from your list at random.

Communities and organizations

  • News summary: create daily or weekly content for your clients.
  • College: publish classes or lecture series from your university for anyone to listen to.

Learning and knowledge

  • Information cards: Study, test yourself and be an expert on any subject using your voice.

Alexa is the virtual assistant that comes integrated in the various Amazon Echo smart speakers, however, it is possible to integrate it to other devices through the mobile application (iOS and Android), from headphones to others speakers high-end.

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