What Twitch says about sexual accusations on his platform

A rather awkward situation is shaking the Twitch video game streaming community in recent hours, as a report by The New York Timesrevealed that more than 70 people, mostly women, have reported different types of abuse by the gaming community, ranging from gender-based discrimination to even sexual assault and harassment.

Various streamers banned on the platform include some users like Wolv21, BlessRNG, IAmSp00n, as well as WarwitchTV. There is even a website called StreamerBans that delivers players who are banned.

Twitch addressed the controversy and began a statement acknowledging the allegations:

“We are reviewing each case that has come to light as quickly as possible, while ensuring adequate due diligence as we evaluate these serious allegations. We have prioritized the most serious cases and will begin issuing permanent suspensions in accordance with our findings immediately, “they said.

Twitch also stressed that, “eIn many cases, the alleged incident occurred outside of Twitch, and we need more information to make a determination. In some cases, we will have to report the case to the appropriate authorities that are in a better position to carry out a more thorough investigation. For those who have come forward and want to share additional information, and for anyone who has not shared their experience and wants to do so. ”

The platform also reported that they are reviewing “Hateful Conduct and Harassment” protocols, improved offensive username detection, improvements to AutoMod and our Banned Words list, and other projects focused on reducing harassment and hateful behavior.

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Finally, Twitch released a final declaration of intent on the serious cases reported.

“We recognize that we cannot address the pervasive issues in games and the broader Internet communities, but we take our responsibility as a service to our community very seriously. We will continue to evaluate the allegations against Twitch affiliates and explore ways that Twitch can collaborate with other industry leaders on this important issue, ”they concluded.

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