These are all the changes that come to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp you are ready to welcome the summer. And she does it with a update loaded with news that the company has just announced through its official blog. In total they are five announced changes, which from today land both in the mobile version and in the web version of the platform.

Among the news, we can find some that we knew were on the way as the dark theme of WhatsApp Web, as well as others that we had already discovered some time ago such as the possibility of sharing our profile through QR codes.

WhatsApp news

All the changes and news that come to WhatsApp

All the news that come to WhatsApp

With the goal of making the messaging app even more useful and reliable, WhatsApp has announced the five new features that will come to the application from today and for the next few weeks, until it ends up being available for more than 2,000 million people that use the messaging platform. They are as follows:

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Animated stickers

We knew they were on the way, and they are finally here. Animated stickers have reached WhatsApp to become a new form of communication more “fun and expressive”. Initially, WhatsApp has created its own animated sticker packs, but it is likely that sooner or later the possibility of importing will be enabled. packs from independent creators.

QR codes

Despite having been available for a few weeks in the beta version of the application, it has not been until today when WhatsApp has announced the arrival of QR codes. Thanks to this, it will be possible to scan other people’s codes to add them to our contacts, thus eliminating the need to manually save their phone number in our phonebook. The possibility of sharing our own code is also offered.

QR codes on WhatsApp

QR codes on WhatsApp are now official

Dark mode on WhatsApp Web

After the arrival of the dark theme to the mobile version of WhatsApp, we knew that the web version would be the next stop for this function. Said and done: dark mode is now available on WhatsApp Web and in the desktop version.

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Improvements to group video calls

Another change we had already heard of was the expansion in the limit of participants in a group video call. And so it has been: WhatsApp has announced the possibility of make video calls of up to eight participants at a time.

In addition, the possibility of make video calls quickly through the video camera button that will appear at the top of the conversation.

KaiOS now supports states

For some months now, WhatsApp has been available on KaiOS, a lightweight operating system for mobile devices with limited resources and at a reduced price. Now, WhatsApp version for KaiOS already supports the status function, inherited from the popular stories from Instagram.

All the news announced by WhatsApp They start arriving on the platform today. You just have to make sure you have the latest available version of the application to be able to enjoy them.

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