WhatsApp launches official pack of animated stickers

After a long time of testing in its beta version, WhatsApp has officially launched its first pack of official animated stickers that is now available for download.

As Unocero reported, the new animated figures of the application are ready to be used, but there is only one detail: in order to obtain them, you must follow a series of steps. The first and foremost is to be enrolled in the beta WhatsApp program on Android and iOS, since the stickers are available only in this version.

However, the testing program in the messaging application is suspended, but there is another option if you still want to obtain them.

WhatsApp launches official pack of animated stickers

For users of the Google operating system, there is the possibility of installing an APK of the latest version corresponding to number, which will allow you to test this feature.

When you already have the corresponding version installed, you will only have to enter the application section and from there you will have to select the “more” option.

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Then, you should look for the option “Playful Piyomaru”, which appears with a “play” sign and there indicates that it is an animated pack.

From there you can download each one as you want to use them to send them to your contacts. However, if you do not have the latest version of WhatsApp installed, you will be able to see the animated sticker, but not download it.

For this case, there is an option for Android users: those who have the version of the application and the for iOS, which consists of making a backup and then uninstalling WhatsApp.

When you reinstall it, you will receive the latest news added by the application, especially the new animated figure pack for chats.

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