Woman gives birth in a hospital parking lot, the images captivated the world

Woman gives birth in a hospital parking lot, the images captivated the world because everything happened in a matter of seconds, demonstrating that the miracle of life cannot be stopped by anything or anyone.

All woman who becomes a mother she dreams of a great life for her children from the moment they arrive in the world, they know that for this they must suffer pain while giving birth, but that everything will be worth it when they have their baby in their arms and knowing the world.

So was the expectation of Susan Anderson, who while living his second pregnancy He never imagined how little Julia would reach the world, in just a few minutes and out of the tub of water with which she pretended in the same medical center where their first daughter was born.

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It was the past June 19 when Susan Anderson felt that the day of birth had arrived and when her husband moved her to the compound where she would be treated, but the contractions were getting faster and as soon as the car stopped in the parking lot of the place, she felt that she “had to bid”.

A help from heaven and a baby strong and strong

In when Susan Anderson she managed to get out of the car and leaned on her husband, it was inevitable to push, one of the midwives of the medical center saw her and quickly approached to provide support, arriving just at the moment when the baby came out of her mother’s womb and slipped between her legsThe midwife caught her and quickly put her in Mom’s arms.

Two police officers from the area watched the entire show completely stunned and once the girl was born, they helped her mother enter the medical center so that they could both be checked, Fortunately they were both in perfect health.

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Now, little Julia is already at home with mom, dad and her older sister, but the video of his birth has gone viral on networks, since the hospital captured the moment of his arrival with his security cameras and shared it in social networks to offer hope to those who feel down because of the current pandemic situation.

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