Women survivors of breast cancer can improve their health if they have happy relationships

Women survivors of breast cancer can improve their health if they have happy relationships. Some research regarding the health of these women, after becoming ill suggests that they need happy relationships to be healthy.

New research results in women who have emotionally stable relationships can greatly improve their health and prevent long-term problems, because they are happy in their relationship.

An investigation of the Ohio University and published in Science Daily suggests that these women feel much less stress and psychological pressure during and after their treatments, so are less likely to present future illnesses.

To obtain these results, 139 women were interviewed during follow-up visits and 18 months after their cancer treatment, They completed self-report questionnaires in which they explained how they felt physically and emotionally.

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Surveys asked that their degree of happiness, the warmth of their partners and their the confidence they felt with their partner in these months after their treatment and the degree of stress or pressure that they occasionally presented.

The results showed that women with happy relationships, who had no problems in their relationship, had better blood pressure levels and were less likely to contract new diseases, including diabetes, heart diseases and even Alzheimer.

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