Xiaomi has put on sale on Youpin an eye massager with four different massage modes and with an autonomy of up to 12 days.

Xiaomi continues to bring to the market a large number of products that move away from the world of smartphones, such as a cap that can keep you from going bald or an electric bicycle, among many others. Now, the Chinese company has put up for sale curious eye massager which helps people to rest better.

The Asian manufacturer has put on sale through Youpin, its third-party store, a curious and surprising eye massager that helps people to rest better and guarantees greater relaxation, as collected from Xiaomiadictos. Regarding its design, this product has been manufactured by XGEEK and has a really light weight and with a size of 20 × 7.5 centimeters with which a more comfortable placement is obtained after prolonged use.

Xiaomi eye massager

Xiaomi has for sale on Youpin a peculiar eye massager.

Built with soft materials and with a triangular design for the nasal area, this eye massager is comfortable to use and transport, and that can be folded 180 degrees, so it takes up less space. Among other features, this product stands out for having a large airbag powered by a complete twin-engine vibrating system It is capable of exerting pressure on up to three different areas while covering both the temple and the eyes and the upper part of the nose.

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The latest in Youpin is an eye massager that guarantees greater relaxation

This massager has a total of four massage modes, as a soft mode intended for the user to fall asleep in the shortest possible time or a more powerful way to relax the facial muscles. The product also features a heating system that is capable of reach 40ºC and with Bluetooth connection, so it can be fully controlled from a smartphone.

As for its interior, the massager that Xiaomi has put on sale has a 1,200 mAh lithium polymer battery capable of granting an autonomy of up to 12 days. At the moment this peculiar product is only for sale through Youpin in China at a price of 259 yuan, which in exchange is approximately about 32 euros. It is hoped that in the future the eye massager will be able to cross the borders of the Asian country to land in other markets through different online stores.

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