Yes, the last thing Xiaomi has launched is a smart kitchen, we have little to see from the Chinese company, of course, but The good thing is that at this point, there is nothing that launches that can surprise us. Unless I follow SpaceX’s path and launch a rocket into space. That would be a surprise.

The case is that the Asian firm has surprised with the launch of this extractor hood and these kitchen stoves, which it will absorb all the smoke or steam that is generated in your kitchen, just as the one you have at home, but from Xiaomi, and with the difference that this is smart.

Xiaomi hood

Xiaomi extractor hood placed

## This is Xiaomi’s smart kitchen

Xiaomi, under its Mijia sub-brand, which as we already told you is the one in charge of everything that has to do with lifestyle and home products, has launched the MIJIA Smart Kitchen Hood, an extractor hood that is placed over the stove – also from Mijiia – to be able to extract all the smoke generated by cooking, and it is the second product of this type that Xiaomi would have launched on the market.

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This contains a more powerful suction and ventilation that would make the smoke disappear faster and be better absorbed, something that we find most interesting since, generally, some extractor hoods are relatively slow When carrying out all this process, and in a situation where there is a lot of smoke, this delay can be a little annoying.

The Xiaomi bell comes loaded with connectivity, and this can be controlled from your mobile, thanks to the Mijia application from which many other devices of the firm can be controlled. And this offers many possibilities for the user. And as you know, anything that offers more possibilities is always positive.

Xiaomi extractor hood

Xiaomi range hood in operation

On the other hand, the Xiaomi extractor hood would also work intelligently, since It would detect when the kitchen is operating, and in this way it would light autonomously, proceeding to absorb the smoke that was being generated in the kitchen. Its absorption capacity, according to Mijia, is 20 cubic meters per minute,

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Regarding the stove, we would find a plate with two openings through which the gas would come to the surface when we activated it – you know that a kitchen like this gives food better flavor than a ceramic hob – and its power in these would be 4,200W, with 10 levels of protection and security.

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As usually happens, we find a stove slightly larger than the other, and two controls on the panel to control the intensity of the fire, which, after all, It is essential when cooking. And all for a price of around 200 euros to change.

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