Xiaomi’s latest invention is a Suzuki SUV that costs 22 euros and yes, it is a toy and not a real car.

The history of products that Xiaomi has put on sale over the years is really long, and among that list are really curious things, such as a cap that can keep you from going bald or curious eye massager. But the Asian manufacturer has an ace up his sleeve, since his latest move has been to make a Suzuki SUV for 22 euros, but it has an explanation: it is just a toy, and not a new model of the popular vehicle.

The Chinese manufacturer published a message on the Weibo social network last Sunday in which it suggested that it would enter the car manufacturing business. A publication whose slogan was “Making cars? We are serious! ” and that it was accompanied by a silhouette of a mysterious vehicle, as pointed out by different media in the Asian country. Later, and after the expectation generated, Xu Jieyun, Xiaomi’s public relations manager, took advantage of the same platform to clarify that the person responsible for the Weibo publication had made a mistake, since the firm has no immediate plans to build a car. So what is it really about?

Xiaomi has made a $ 25 Suzuki SUV

Xiaomi has made a Suzuki SUV for 22 euros, although, yes, it is a toy.

What is clear is that Xiaomi has a car on the way, specifically a Suzuki Jimny that in exchange costs about 22 euros. But it is not a real vehicle or a new model of the well-known car, it is just a remote control toy of the legendary Suzuki 4X4 vehicle that is built in ABS plastic, which makes this product really economical. For that reason, not, it’s not a real car. If this were logically the official price of the toy, it would be necessary to add several zeros … minimum three.

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Xiaomi will launch a remote control toy of the Suzuki Jimny

After deleting the original post suggesting the arrival of a car, the Chinese company announced via Weibo that it is manufacturing a remote-controlled version of the Suzuki SUV. A toy that has a scale of 1:16 and whose price amounts to 199 yuan, which are about a change 22 euros. Therefore, the Chinese company has no intention of creating and launching a real car on the market, but we will be vigilant in case that happens in a few years.

In the same way, this remote control toy of the popular off-roader, which you can see in depth in the unboxing video on these lines created by the YouTube channel Tommy Unboxing & Review, can be purchased from July 1, although to date it is only available in China. We will also have to wait to see if this product will end up leaving the borders of the Asian country to reach other markets, although it is expected that at least it can be purchased in Chinese import stores, although at a higher price (as usual).

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