Xiaomi files a patent for a curious rotating rear camera module that could perform a 360 degree turn.

Xiaomi, which seems to continue betting on mobile phones with a transparent back, continues working on the arrival of its future terminals. If a time ago the company filed a patent for a folding phone which looks a lot like Huawei Mate XS; now a new leak reveals that Xiaomi “turns” the pop-up cameras with a crazy patent.

On this occasion, and as reported by Android Headlines, the technology giant has patented a new smartphone camera setup which stands out for being really strange. As you can see in the images, which you have just below these same lines, the future smartphone of the Chinese company would have a rotating camera configuration like never before seen.

Xiaomi patent pop-up camera

This is the new Xiaomi patent with which it “gives a spin” to pop-up cameras.

The images also show that this curious camera module is located on the back of the smartphone, it even seems to be rotating. Rumors suggest that even this strange camera module could perform a 360 degree turn. Among other data, it is known that this patent was officially published on June 23 of this year and that it was filed weeks ago in the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

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This curious camera module could make a 360 degree turn

New Xiaomi patent for pop-up cameras

This would be the Xiaomi smartphone with a really strange rotating camera.

The patent, in addition to the turns that this module can make, also reflects that when the user prepares to take a selfie and turn on the camera, the module will rotate into position, since the module also incorporates a front camera. For its part, if the front camera is not being used, it will be located on the back of the smartphone, just like any other rear camera module. A front sensor that is fully protected by the module and the back of the phone when not in use.

It is an interesting solution to offer an all screen mobile, avoiding and thus eliminating notchs of all kinds and holes. It would not even be necessary to incorporate a pop-up camera, which are also in fashion in the industry. In the same way, the patent images also show a smartphone with hardly any bezels, although it could be a random sketch to reflect the new camera module.

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It should be noted that for the moment this information must be taken for what it is, a patent, as this peculiar rotating camera module may never see the light or, on the contrary, it does, even with a different design. It only remains to wait for Xiaomi make the arrival of this camera module official that would forever change the future of pop-up cameras and rotating lenses in smartphones.

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