Young man marries a granny and people question his great love

They say that for love there are no ages and boy, has it been made clear many times, but there are those who do not conceive the idea of ​​seeing a young man marrying a granny, so people questioned his great love and did nothing but mock and criticize the situation, while the bride and groom give thanks for their union.

In the now viral Instagram post, you can read that whoever finds a wife finds something good, congratulating the bride and groom on behalf of Jesus. However, they stole the attention of the users, who claimed why they uploaded those photos, highlighting that they found it disrespectful.

Young man marries a granny

It is a Ghanaian man, who was united with a white granny in La Pleasure Beach, by the Abrahamic Pact. According to local media, the man declared himself totally in love saying that he had found the love of his life. Hence, the announcer Abeiku Santana, took advantage of his account to share the images of the beautiful moment.

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The happiness is evident in their huge smiles, the bride wore a simple dress with a heart cut and fitted at the waist with a tender bow. In addition, she wore a lace torera that gave a sophisticated touch and the young man left with a more colorful style, pink and white highlighted in his suit.

So far the names of the bride and groom have not been released and, to be honest, I doubt that they will notice the comments, since they are surely celebrating their honeymoon. Although the publication already has almost 10 thousand reactions and the comments do not stop.

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