Rosanna Zanetti and David Bisbal are living a magical moment. If confinement has already been a before and after for everyone, they have had the great news of knowing that they are expecting their second child -the third of the singer-. A joy that the two have unleashed on their social networks since it has been through that platform where they have notified all their followers that soon, they will welcome a new member in the family.

In the same way that they announced the pregnancy of Rosanna Zanetti a few weeks ago They have communicated the sex of the baby who is on the way, girl. The two have uploaded some photographs of them in the garden of their house to announce to the four winds what will be their second daughter.

David Bisbal hugs his wife and puts his hands on his belly. The second image, much more emotional, the singer poses with outstretched arms and hinting at Rosanna’s little girl on which it is written: “Girl”. In case there was any doubt, the text of the publication reveals that: “Dad, Mom and … Our girl on the way”.

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Without a doubt, this is the most exciting moment for both of them. The two are madly in love and proof of this are the images that come up in which we can see how they look into each other’s eyes and they already know that looks do not deceive. In this way, the marriage already counts the days to be able to see his face your next daughter.



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